Svěřenské fondy a trusty s.r.o.

Svěřenské fondy a trusty s.r.o. which was established in June 2011, is proudly privately owned.  We offer Trust Services only. We value our independence and what it means for you, our valued clients. We are impartial and are not aligned to any financial institution.  This this leaves us free to work purely for the benefit of our clients.

Our mission is simple – we aim to preserve and protect wealth for the benefit of future generations. It is a mission built on a desire to cement our business relationships with integrity and knowledge

Succession planning is a very personal business and do business on a foundation of lasting relationships with business partners, with individuals, with families and with business clients – often these relationships can span generations.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the decision to form and run a Trust – at Svěřenské fondy a trusty  we walk you through the decisions, and stick with you to see your wishes fulfilled.

All information our clients need throughout the Trust’s life is provided in a timely, cost effective manner in easy to follow language, backed with advice from our expert Trust Managers.

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We are members of the Czech Association for the support and Development of Trusts, an association of providers of advisory, administration and other services around trusts that aims to set and guarantee high professional standards..