Solutions for Employers

Employee Welfare Scheme


Together with TPA Horwath, we have developed a new generation of employee welfare solutions.  These solutions are new to the Czech Republic and only became possible with the introduction of the new Civil Code on January 2014.  They are based on the employee welfare schemes that are widely used in many countries.  

Each scheme is created for and by an individual employer.  This is not a financial or insurance product. It is your tool, set up for you and controlled by you for the benefit of your staff and their families.



These schemes are not only relatively cheap to set up and maintain, but also offer some relative taxation benefits. They offer your most valued employees and their families:

  • Real protection in the event of personal financial crisis

  • Meaningful financial help in the event of serious illness such as heart attack or cancer, or in case of the death of a family member

  • A number of other significant benefits.  Real help, when help is most needed

  • Highly valued piece of mind

  • Empowerment through employee representation - the schemes provide a forum for active employee involvement, participation and buy-in


Some of these benefits have previously be available from existing union social funds, but usually only in a limited way.  The amounts paid by social and union funds are or course welcomed, but they are not normally enough to make much difference to a family in crisis. In contrast, our new concept offers you a low cost way to deliver truly meaningful financial support - with that support coming from the employer rather than the union.

There are many other benefits for your company. Welfare benefits:

  • are relatively cheap to provide, yet they

  • are highly valued by employees

  • demonstrate your social responsibility and ethical character

  • build loyalty and reduce staff turnover

  • have some relative taxation benefits

  • demonstrate that you genuinely care about the welfare of your staff and their families.  (Every time a payment is made from the scheme, you show your staff how much you value them)

  • Employee representation provides a forum for active staff involvement, participation and buy-in

  • You chose what benefits are offered via the scheme and who is eligible to receive them

  • You regain control of an area of remuneration that - in the past - has been taken over by the unions

For more information about the scheme, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We would be happy to meet with you and explain the structure and operation of the scheme in more detail.



The schemes are delivered to you by Svěřenské fondy a trusty s.r.o together with TPA Horwath, a leading tax advisory and auditing services company in Central and South Eastern Europe. They have approximately 1,000 employees in Austria, Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and in the Czech Republic.