Are you a Czech / expat couple?

If you are in the Czech Republic for the long term, and haven't already thought about it, you need to have a plan that deals with what happens if you die.

Because of the cross-border issues involved, it is critically important for couples like you to consider carefully the issues around wills and the treatment of your property. Failure to plan usually leads to disastrous (and very expensive) results.

Please contact us for information about:

  • Czech inheritance law
  • Forced inheritance
  • The treatment of expat estates under Czech law
  • Do you need a Czech will?
  • Should you have two wills?
  • How will Czech law interact with the law of your home country?, and
  • The importance of a well thought-through strategy.

When working with expats we cooperate closely with a UK solicitor resident here in Prague, Together we can give you a comprehensive overview of your situation.

Our initial consultation is free of charge. For more information or to make an appointment, just contact us.