Solutions for Investors


Using Czech Trusts for holding investment assets has until recently been problematic due to negative tax consequences.

However,Svěřenské fondy a trusty s.r.o has developed a new solution that makes Czech Trusts work for HNW Investors and families. This is a modified version of a strucure that has been successfully used in other jurisdictions for some time.

Key benefits include:

  • Significant tax deferral opportunities relative to investing directly
  • High levels of confidentiality/anonymity
  • Full control, including the ability to unwind at any time
  • Potential asset protection benefits
  • The ability to protect against matrimonial claims
  • The ability to bypass some aspects of Czech forced inheritance
  • Complete freedom and flexibility in relation to distributions
  • The ability to use the structure as the core of a family 'dynasty'
  • Security though dealing only with reputable partners

Because three jurisdictions are used, the cost is a little higher than for a normal trust.  This means that this solution is appropriate only for HNW investors and families. However for larger portfolios the cost is quickly offset by tax savings and the other benefits.

If you are interested in learning more about this solution, please contact us.